Saturday, 20 August 2011

With love from Paris!

Aunty D was kind enough to bring me back some sweet yummies from Paris! Shes known me since I was a 2 month old baby! Shes known my parents for the last 30 years , Uncle and Dad served in the Medial Core of the Indian Army together ......stayed together at a lot of stations and finally wound up as neighbors all these years later!

So thank-you aunty D you know better than anyone else how much of a sweet tooth I have! I still rember the Gulabjamuns Aunty D made from milk powder in Dehradoon ...its one of my earliest food memories I must have been 5 years old! Maybe I need to get her recipe?? :)) The sweetheart that she is .....she will only be too happy to oblige!

Thank-you Aunty D for these sweets and all the good times!

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