Sunday, 21 August 2011

Eating Out in Pune :Delhi Kitchen

My humble attempt at introducing people to lesser known jewels that crown punes crowded culinary food scene!

Delhi Kitchen is a place we discovered as students of Symbiosis while I was studying to get an MBA degree !
You know moneys a little tight and appetites are huge when you are studying :))

This place is awsome! Because first the food is GREAT ....its delhi style ghar ka khana ! The kebabs melt in your mouth ! The chicken falls off the bone!

And what I like most is that you dont need to eat your gravies with fat chewweey maida ka roti or tandoori roti! They serve the best home style Phulkas!

Even though my student days r now over..... I still love going back ......

I must warn you though this is not fancy AT ALL plastic chairs and plastic tables ! but the foods great fresh and hot , service is quick .....I think thats all one needs every once in a while!

What I recomend the Kebabs and Tikkas all of them are great....Phulkas ofcourse and Chicken Adraki , Delhi Kitchen Special Chicken , Chicken Handi!!!

Gulabjamuns are great too ....just like nanimas :) but they get sold out very quick so you may not always be lucky ! LAssi is good on a hot summer day so is the kheer!

If you are queasy about eating in a hole in the wall sort of place TAKE AWAY :) but do try it!

Some not so clear pictures .....

Delhi Kitchen
Kottbagi Hospital Lane

And did i mention its SO CHEAP :)))

Saturday, 20 August 2011

With love from Paris!

Aunty D was kind enough to bring me back some sweet yummies from Paris! Shes known me since I was a 2 month old baby! Shes known my parents for the last 30 years , Uncle and Dad served in the Medial Core of the Indian Army together ......stayed together at a lot of stations and finally wound up as neighbors all these years later!

So thank-you aunty D you know better than anyone else how much of a sweet tooth I have! I still rember the Gulabjamuns Aunty D made from milk powder in Dehradoon ...its one of my earliest food memories I must have been 5 years old! Maybe I need to get her recipe?? :)) The sweetheart that she is .....she will only be too happy to oblige!

Thank-you Aunty D for these sweets and all the good times!